Friday, January 15, 2010


Wow, fennel is such a great addition to the juices. Just one bulb, with all the stalks and fronds, added a sweet licorice taste to 6 quarts of juice (for me, and 2 others), that was really, really yummy!

Today was much easier, since I couldn't get ENOUGH of the fennel!

I drank 4 quarts of juice from: celery, carrots, gold beets, tomatoes, cucumber, FENNEL, key lime juice and meyer lemon juice. Oh - I tossed in a bit of onion and red bell pepper too!

2 quarts of diluted Rooibos tea and 2 cups of coconut water rounded out my liquid day. YUM!

Did a CE in the afternoon; today I was able to hold it for a bit instead of having to release it right away.

I had a 6-hour work day at my Thrivin' Edibles kitchen, and did have a tiny, really tiny, taste of a dark chocolate pudding I made. By tiny, I mean not even an eighth of a teaspoon.

I felt great all day; up at 6:30, worked, went over to the Landmark Education Center for 3 hours to work with Clarice in the evening, had an hour-long coaching call after that, watched Jon Stewart, and was in bed, sleeping at midnight. I awoke from the alarm at 6 today (Friday).

For you who want to know, I've lost 14 pounds. In 8 days.

Onward! (as my mom used to say!)

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