Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 3, January 9

Although I went to sleep at about 9 last night, I woke up at 1 am, 2 am and 3 am. Went back to sleep each time, and then awoke for good, refreshed, amazingly, at 5. I drank a pint of the Rooibos tea at my bedside, and I got out of bed at 6 and made juice of celery, carrots, alfalfa sprouts and gold beet greens. Drank a pint right away,and then gave myself a coffee enema. Afterwards, I lingered over a quart of veggie juice until about 7:30. I took another quart plus 3 pints of veggie juice, and 2 quarts of lemon water with me to the City today and spent time with friends.

I got some alkalised water from one of my friends; tastes very differently than regular water! I brought home over 2 quarts and drank that, with fresh Meyer Lemon juice, this evening, instead of more veggie juice.

So today, I had 3 quarts of veggie juice, 4 quarts of lemon water, and 1 quart of Rooibos tea.

And I have to say that for most of the day, I was VERY gasey - oy! Like I had a bowling alley - an active one - in my tummy! Maybe I had the enema bucket too high and got too much air in.

Other than the gas, it was a pretty easy day, even though I was with 7 others who were having a mini-orgy of food. I just drank my juice and water and watched them eat, and we worked together on some projects.

It's 10:25 pm, I don't feel tired, but I have a busy day tomorrow, so I'm off to bed.

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