Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 4: What was I thinking?

Up early today - to get ready for a raw food prep class I was leading. Had a quart of Rooibos tea, and a pint of celery juice. Got my paperwork done for the class, went grocery shopping, and got everything set up for the class. The 7 participants were a blast, we had a blast, and I couldn't sample a thing! What was I thinking?

Fortunately I've made all the recipes many times. The participants were oohing and aahing...That's a good thing.

I made juice at the kitchen before I came home: 2 quarts of juice from celery, Roma tomatoes, 1/4 onion, zucchini and some lemon and lime juice! YUMMY! I've had one quart so far tonight, and I'll have the other before I got to bed, and leave a quart of Rooibos tea on the bedside table.

And...I got a tongue scaper today - my tongue is VERY coated (no vest or pants though). And I have a lot of phleghm. Yuck. Kinda makes me wish I knew how to spit, like a guy!

I gave myself a coffee enema (CE) at 5 tonight; I'm hoping that's not too late in the day! We'll find out, won't we?

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