Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 5: I gotta plan better!

Awake at 5 and drank a quart of Rooibos tea. Got to the kitchen and made juice for the day and had a quart of it pretty early - probably by 7. Ingredients: Celery, gold beets, apple, spinach. I had lots of orders at my Thrivin' Edibles kitchen, so I wasn't watching the clock for me to drink my juice. Drank another 3 cups while on the road delivering at 2 (big time gap there!) and a quart of water. I had 2 more quarts of juice with me from celery, beet greens, kale veins, bok choy.

As I was driving home, around 4:30, I gulped down a quart of the juice. BAD IDEA! It went through me way too fast! I mean really fast - same color in and out - and in 20 minutes from consumption. OY!

Tomorrow, I will time the consumption better, and drink smaller amounts more often!

Today I consumed almost 3 quarts of juice, and 2 quarts of other liquid (tea, water), and a double shot of Wheatgrass around 8, to replenish the good flora in my intestines after that early 'flush'!

Scratchy throat today, and a lot of phlegm still. Using the scraper on my tongue and brushing my teeth more often. Someone had said that teeth might feel furry the first few days...and...well...they do.

No CE today.

Told someone I was juice feasting today and she said I should be euphoric by Day 6. I'll let ya know................

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