Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 6: Gathering

Awake at 5 again, after going to sleep at about 10:30 last night. Feel good...my intestional rumblings have stopped! Drank a quart of Rooibos tea first thing, and then started SLOWLY on a quart of veggie juice! Two people asked to join me for the week with veggie juices so went over to the kitchen to get more celery, beets and spinach juiced. Mary and Shawn came by and got their quarts.

I juiced some Meyer lemons and Key Limes and added that juice to my juice, and OMG...was it wonderful! I'm going to do that again tomorrow. Maybe even put it in my tea....wow...dat's what I have to say!

By 1:30 I finished one more quart of juice. I gave myself a CE at around 2.
By 3:30, I got distracted and did not drink anymore juice. I did drink quite a bit of water, and another quart of Rooibos tea. Right now, at nearly 1 am on Wednesday, I feel fine.

I was reminded tonight that I need to down some fresh oil, so tomorrow I will add it to one of my juices.

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  1. What!
    Mary and I we are the only two?!?!
    you other guys are missing out let me tell you!