Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 2, January 8

Today was MUCH easier. I slept nearly 8 hours, which hasn't happened in a long time. I'm ready for bed again at the hour of 8:30 pm and thought I'd post today's results first.

First thing: a quart of lemon water, with di-potassium phosphate. I took two probiotics with it, and afterwards, dissolved a Vitamin B12 tab under my tongue.

Then drank a pint of celery/carrot/beet greens juice.

I used 12 oz. of organic coffee as a lower anatomy internal cleanser (AKA enema). Maybe that's why my headache wasn't nearly as intense today...

I finished another pint of juice mid-morning, and drank another quart of lemon water.

Mid afternoon: 2 quarts of veggie juice.

I stopped by Whole Foods Market in Campbell, and got a double shot of wheatgrass, which I took home with me to drink as it can sometimes have an IMMEDIATE cleansing effect on my bod.

I drank it when I got home and did not have that effect!

Now, I'm finishing off my 4th quart of veggie juice and have a quart of African Red Rooibos tea, that I cold-steeped today, on the table beside my bed.

I suffered only a slight headache this afternoon around 4 pm (same as yesterday, in terms of time) but haven't experienced the tiredness I had yesterday.

Off to sleep! Thanks for reading.

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