Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 7: Better planning today!

By George, I think she's got it!

Planning, planning, Planning. Here's what I planned today, and what I actually did:

6:30 am. Up and drink diluted Rooibos tea - did it.
8 am: Start first juice - did it.
10 am: Drink another diluted Rooibos tea - did it.
1 pm: CE - did it.
2 pm: Drink 3 cups of diluted Rooibos tea - did it
3 pm: Drink another quart of veggie juice - didn't do it.
5 pm: Drank the juice, finally, and wondered when I'd drink the final one.
7 pm: Drink a quart of diluted Rooibos tea - did it.
8 pm: Start 4th quart of veggie juice: did it. It's almost 10 pm and am still nursing it. I have about 2 more cups to drink.

I added a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to 5 pm quart and it was really too much. I had a hard time getting it down as it felt too rich. I did get it down though, and added just a teaspoon of oil to the 8 pm quart.

Veggie juice today: Celery, gold beets, beet greens, meyer lemon juice, key lime lemon juice. The citrus really makes it wonderful.

I also added a cup of orange/tangerine/meyer lemon juice to one of the latter Rooibos teas...smashingly good!

I added MSM to most of my drinks today too, as well as a bit of di-potassium phosphate. I'm almost out of that so must get more tomorrow.

Over all I feel good, though still dealing with mucus at both ends of the tube. It's not constant, as it was earlier in this endeavor. My teeth are also feeling less furry.

Tomorrow starts week 2! Yea...thanks for reading!

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