Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 30:One month down, and 2 more to go

I've gotten a lot of good feedback about my juice feast/fast. I appreciate all your kind remarks and encouragement. It's not been hard, for the most part. I have wanted a variety of items to eat/drink over the course of the last month: 1 day it was a donut(!), another, an apple. A third day, I wanted coffee, and this past week, I've been craving something to chew. I am determined to complete this fast.

I saw my nutritionist, Joani, this past week, and through muscle testing, she determined I needed more protein, so am adding 1/4 cup of Hemp protein powder to one of my juices each day. That gives me 15 more grams of protein than what I was already getting. I'm also taking Vitamin B12 under my tongue each morning.

Today, I gave myself a CE and was a.m.a.z.e.d at the amount of solid waste STILL exiting my body. Really, I would've thought by now I'd be through with that. Joani also put me on a parasite release supplement - Paracid - and am taking that 3 times a day. She discovered I have giardiasos, and psittacosis. The giardiasos is in dirt, and water. The psittacosis is carried by birds, and I may have had that one a long time - my paternal grandparents had parakeets when I was a kid, and we were around them a lot. Am going to get food grade hydrogen peroxide this week, and that'll kill any bugs in the dirt that might be remaining on the veggies. Transmission of these two paracites is not possible human to human unless we get REALLY intimate...and I can tell you right now, we won't!

The weight I've released stays stable at about 21 pounds. I think the addition of the hemp has stabilized it, and I had 2 fruity juices this week. I've noticed when I add anything besides veggie juice to my bod (with the exception of lemon or lime juice), I don't release any weight. That's fine...cuz this week, I had one of my fruit juices with the juice of pears, grapefruit, orange and meyer lemon! was SO good.

Still juicing celery as the base for my juices, adding carrots and other yummy stuff. This week, I added red potatoes to my juices as my nutritionist said that uncooked RED potatoes are a protein; cooking them turns them into carbohydrates! Isn't that amazing? I liked the taste but wasn't wild about the starch/glue-like feel in the juice. Bleck...I was adding 2 red potatoes; maybe I'll add one at a time, and see how that goes.

I have 4 clients at Thrivin' Edibles who are juicing with me; no one is doing the amount I am. However, it's fun to make the juice for all of us.

This is it for now. I'll be back again soon!

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